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Saturday Self-Care Posts

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Vacation? Use These Tips to Plan a Weekend of Fun

Dreaming of a weekend getaway but feel like your budget is holding you back? As an entrepreneur, vacations can be good for your well-being, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank to take one. If you want to plan a weekend of adventure, follow these super simple savings tips. Really Take a Break From […]

How to Make the Most Out of a Vegetarian Diet

Photo via Pexels Vegetarianism is on the rise. Thanks to a collective acknowledgment of the huge ecological impact of the meat industry, as well as a boom in the wellness and health foods industry that made meatless meals appealing, more people than ever are considering making the switch. The vegetarian diet can indeed be a […]

A Case for Milk Chocolate

Why should dark chocolate get all the love—and health benefit claims? Cocoa and its flavonoids, the core ingredient of all genuine chocolate from milk to dark, is what provides those beloved health benefits. True, the average serving of milk chocolate “only” has 20 percent as much cocoa as the average dark chocolate bar, but that […]